10 Types of Essay

10 Types of Essays and Their Purpose That You Need to Know

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However, if you want to do your task yourself and do not know the types and how to use them, then don’t worry. Here are ten common types of essays and their purposes for you to consider. 

Major Types of Essays and Their Uses

Types of essays mainly depend upon what the writer wants to convey to the readers. Given below are different types and its uses.


This type of essay mostly tells a story or is the most personal type of writing. These essays have an introductory paragraph with a topic and a brief commentary about the central theme. Then comes the body paragraph containing the majority part of the essay. Again this kind of essay allows the student to express themselves creatively. Moreover, these have analogies, metaphors, dialogues and imagery.


This kind of essay urges the reader to take a side by presenting a logical argument with an emotional appeal. Furthermore, these essays can include moral reasoning and facts to support their claims. To write this kind of essay, the learner needs to select a topic, gather supportive shreds of evidence, write their opinion and at last call for action. Here the introduction introduces the main argument, several body paragraphs to support the claim, and a conclusion summarizes everything.


It is a genre of essay that describes everything. For instance, it can be an object, person, place, emotion, experience etc. This kind of essay helps to form a picture in a reader’s mind, which will help them to relate. Similarly, vivid imagery, thoughts, emotions and actions can make the reader focused on the essay. Unlike a narrative essay, it does not focus on the whole story but on a particular subject. In the introduction, the writer needs to set the scene and introduce the topic to the reader. After that you describe the subject and in the end, comes the conclusion part. 


This kind of essay shows the writer’s expertise in a certain area. However, it is not about their personal opinions or experiences. Instead, It is mostly neutral and provides balanced information about the topic. Teachers assign expository essays to check their student’s understanding of the subject. Here the introduction is the part which will hook the interest. Therefore you need to briefly introduce your topic and provide a thesis statement about what you will say about the matter.


This kind of essay analyzes, interprets and evaluates a topic. Moreover, it can be a critique of books, movies, paintings, plays etc. Most literature and humanities courses need this essay to test critical and analytical skills. It also helps in checking their observations. These kinds of essays use pieces of evidence from primary and secondary sources to support their claims. Furthermore, after the introduction, the student needs to support their point in the body of the context. Moreover, in the body, each paragraph should have one primary proof. 


An argumentative essay provides facts and evidence instead of opinions and points of view. It urges the reader to try to take a side. Moreover, to sway the reader it relies on facts rather than emotional appeal. This kind of essay avoids first and second-person statements. Here in the introduction, you need to introduce the problem, then explain your perspective leading to the opponent’s perspective. After that, you reject their points and show your evidence. Then you present the conclusion and conclude your argument. 


Here you give step-by-step information about how to do something(directional) or how something works(informational). For both cases, the formula remains the same. Moreover, this essay is written chronologically to maintain organization and clarity. Here the introduction part introduces the process. Then the main body contains paragraphs and describes everything in chronological order. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the process to help the reader remember the idea of the document.

Cause and Effect

It explains why certain situations or events led to other events. Here the author creates a clear connection between the circumstances and effects. Needless to say, it is a type of expository essay. Therefore it states facts and tries to avoid subjective opinions. This essay may focus more on the effect led by cause or the cause which led to effects. It starts with a general introduction and then leads to a thesis. However, the thesis connects to the cause and effect of a condition or an event. 


This kind of essay defines a term or an idea. It examines abstract topics and provides in-depth analysis and explanation. Moreover, it explains a point either by defining what it means or by explaining what its intent was. Its structure is a regular part of any other academic writing. There is an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Compare and Contrast

It introduces two statements and defines the similarities or differences between them. It is a branch of analytical and informative essays. Furthermore, it has an introduction which contains at least one paragraph. Three paragraphs are must for these kind of essays. One explains the similarities, another one differences and at last conclusion. Usually, lecturers give this task to test your understanding. There are theories, methods, historical periods, characters in the novel and many more. You need to compare these and make a judgement. However, this method differ according to the essay. Some cases the whole essay is about comparing and contrasting two theories. While in others, it is just one part of the essay and the rest are different. Moreover, in short essays only one of the theory is discussed.

These are the types of essays you need to consider before writing. If you want to succeed academically, you need to devote your time to your studies. But student life is full of activities and it is hectic. In that case, focusing on one task is not possible. Therefore, if you feel you are lacking time and energy to complete your task try the essay help online service. It will save you some time and will help you get good marks.

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