10 Desktop Features You Need for Fast-Paced YouTube Editing

Do you dream of becoming a YouTube sensation, churning out creative and engaging videos that leave your audience hooked? If so, one of the keys to your success is the speed and efficiency of your editing process. The faster you can masterfully edit your videos, the sooner you can get them online, keep up with demand, and grow your subscriber base.

The good news is that you don’t need a Hollywood-level budget to make this happen. A desktop for video editing likely has some powerful features and tools lurking under the surface; you may just need to unearth them. 

Let’s dive into ten desktop features you can leverage for slick, speedy YouTube editing!

Feature #1: Harness the Power of a Robust Processor

Think of each core in a desktop for a video editing processor as a separate worker. For demanding tasks like video editing, more cores equal the ability to do more work in parallel. Editing software is designed to take advantage of multi-core processors. Look for a processor with at least 4 cores for a solid editing foundation and 6 or more cores for even smoother handling of complex edits.

  • A processor’s clock speed (measured in GHz) influences how quickly each core can execute tasks. Higher clock speeds translate into snappier overall performance. Aim for a good balance of cores and clock speed for the best price-to-performance ratio when choosing a processor for YouTube editing.
  • The industry giants offer excellent processors suitable for video editing. Do your research! Compare benchmarks and read reviews specific to video editing to ensure your chosen processor is up to the task.
  • Overclocking a video editing desktop means pushing your processor beyond its factory speed. While it can provide an extra performance boost, it also risks instability and can damage your hardware if not done correctly. This is a technique generally only for advanced users.

YouTube editing, like most creative work, has a tendency to demand more resources over time. If feasible, choosing a slightly more powerful processor than you strictly need today can save you from needing an upgrade sooner than you’d like.

Feature #2: Upgrade Your RAM for a Smooth Ride

Imagine your video editing desktop’s RAM (Random Access Memory) as its short-term memory workspace. Video editing gobbles up RAM at an alarming rate. When you run out of RAM, your computer will start to lag, frustrating your creative flow. To handle complex video projects with tons of layers and edits, make sure you’ve upgraded your computer’s RAM as much as possible.

Feature #3: Fast Storage Is Your New Best Friend

Hard drives have evolved considerably in recent years. Super-fast ‘SSDs’ (Solid State Drives) have replaced slower traditional hard disks for many users. If your budget allows, make sure that you’re editing videos stored on an internal SSD. Your projects will open, save, and operate with blazing speed, saving you valuable time on each video. However, if you need extra storage space, consider a large-capacity external hard drive for storing raw footage and older projects.

Feature #4: Invest in a Dedicated Graphics Card

Video editing isn’t just about number-crunching; those gorgeous visuals need horsepower too! While your computer probably has a basic graphics solution, a dedicated desktop computer for video editing with its own memory will boost performance significantly. Look for a card explicitly designed for video editing for the best results.

Feature #5: Dual Monitors for the Ultimate Workflow

If you’re still squinting at a single screen to edit, it’s time to upgrade! Having two monitors essentially doubles your workspace for video editing. Put your video timeline on one screen and your preview, effects, or workspace panels on another. This simple change transforms how efficiently you navigate and use your video editing software.

Feature #6: Don’t Ignore Your Operating System

Whether you use Windows or macOS, keeping your desktop computer for video editing operating systems updated is essential. Updates often include performance enhancements, bug fixes, and compatibility improvements for creative software. Make those updates your friend to keep your editing experience streamlined.

Feature #7: Master Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcuts

Every second counts in the race to produce engaging YouTube videos. Keyboard shortcuts will become your superpower, allowing you to navigate your editing software at lightning speed. Take time to learn the most important shortcuts for your chosen video editor. Soon, tasks like trimming clips, adding effects, and applying transitions will be done in a flash rather than clicking through menus.

Feature #8: Optimize Your Video Editing Software Settings

Video editing programs usually have hidden settings that can significantly impact editing performance. Investigate lowering your preview resolution during editing, optimizing how your software utilizes proxies, and setting up intelligent cache management. Tailoring these settings to suit your computer’s specs can make a huge difference in how responsive your software feels.

Feature #9: Explore the World of Handy System Tools

Your desktop for video editing likely harbors some hidden gems that can help you streamline your YouTube workflow. Let’s spotlight two worth considering:

Video Compression: Sometimes, you need to shrink those final video files before uploading them to YouTube. There are dedicated (and often free!) video compression tools that can reduce file size without sacrificing too much quality.

Screen Recording: If your content involves demonstrating software or online activity, having a capable screen recorder is indispensable. Some operating systems have them built-in, while others offer free or paid third-party options.

Feature #10: Consider Using Cloud-Based Video Editing Tools

What if your desktop video editing hardware isn’t as powerful as you’d like? That’s where cloud-based video editors come into the picture. These online platforms allow you to upload your footage and edit it in your browser. Because the heavy lifting is done on remote servers,  you get access to professional-level tools without needing a top-of-the-line computer. Some popular options include WeVideo and Clipchamp. Many have free plans to experiment with, though more advanced features may require subscription costs.


Feeling limited by the power of your desktop should not be an obstacle to fast-paced YouTube editing. By optimizing your existing hardware, customizing your settings, and discovering helpful tools, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a speedy editing machine. This will free up more time to focus on what matters most: creating incredible content that will captivate your audience and take your YouTube channel to new heights!

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